Dedication of a statue for Lamidion, hearth-initiate.  Two joining fragments of a base of Eleusinian limestone, broken on the right and at the back.
[ ] Attica — Eleusis — ca. 25 BC? — IG II² 3519 (a) — ArchEph (1971) 114, 7 (a+b)
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1 Λαμίδι[ον Ἀπ]ολήξιδος ἐξ [Οἴου]
θυγατέ[ρα] ὁ̣ πατὴρ καὶ ἡ μή̣[τηρ]
Λαδάμει[α Λ]υσάνδρου Πειραιέ[ως]
θυγάτηρ ἀ̣φ’ ἑστίας μυηθεῖσ[αν]
5 Δήμητρ[ι κ]αὶ Κόρηι ἀνέθηκ[αν].
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