Dedication to Hera.  Statue of a seated woman (Phileia), grayish marble; one of a series of six statues by the sculptor Geneleos sharing a large, stepped limestone base (559A-F). Inscription (I) retrograde on the lower edge of the figure’s cloak; inscription (II) on the left support of the seat, oriented downward.
[ ] Aeg. Islands — Samos Isl. — Heraion — ca. 560-550 BC — M. Schede, AbhBerlin (1929.3) 19-20 — M. Guarducci, EG III (1974) 400, 2
I.1 ἡμᾶς ἐποίσε
Γενέλεως ∶
II.1 Φίλεια.
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