Diagraphe for the sale of the priesthood of the Korybantes.  Fragment of the upper part of a stele of white marble with molding.
[ ] Kos Isl. — Kos — late 3rd c. BC — Iscr. di Cos ED 177, ll. 2-3 — Chiron 35 (2005) 253, 3 (D. Bosnakis, K. Hallof)
2 [αἱρεθέντες σ]υγγράψαι καθ[ότι] δεῖ π[ραθῆμεν]
[τὰς ἱερωσύνα]ς τῶν Κυρβάνθων, Ἀλθ[αιμένης]
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