Dedication to Hermes by Glaukies, son of Lykkides, of Rhegion, and signature of the artist Kal(l)on (a hexameter).  Two joining fragments of a base of gray volcanic stone.
[ ] Elis — Olympia — ca. 420-410 BC — IvO 271 — R. Arena, IGASMG III 65 — L. Dubois, IGDGG I 36
1 [Γλαυκί]αι με Κάλοˉν γεν[εᾶι Ϝ]αλεῖορ ἐποίεˉ.
[Γ]λαυκίης ὁ Λυκκίδεοˉ
[το͂]ι Ἑρμῆι Ῥηγῖνος.
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