Funerary epigram for Dionysios.  Middle part of a stele of bluish gray marble with a relief representation of a man and a girl.
[ ] Scythia Minor — Istros-Histria — 3rd c. BC — Histria IX (2000) 142, 203
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above relief.1 [τάνδε] κόνιν κεύθειν Διονύσιον ἐνθάδε φαμὶ
[πρω]θήβαν ἐρατᾶς δευόμενον βιοτᾶς·
[οὗ τ]όδε σᾶμα πατὴρ ὀλοὰν περὶ Μοῖραν ἀνατλὰς
εἵσατο· τη αὖτε τὸν παῖδα τάφωι κτερίσας.
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