Dedications of two Roman arches.  Nine fragments of epistyle blocks from two arches.
[ ] Attica — Eleusis — ca. 135-138 AD — IG II² 2958
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Eastern Arch.face A.1 vv τοῖν Θ[εοῖν καὶ] τ̣ῶι Αὐτο|κ[ρ]άτορι οἱ Πανέ[λ|λ]ηνες v
face B.1 [vv] το[ῖν Θε]|οῖν καὶ τ[ῶ]ι Α[ὐτοκράτορι οἱ Πανέλλη]νες v
Western Arch.face A.1 [vv τοῖν Θεο]|ῖν καὶ τῶ[ι Αὐτοκράτορι οἱ Πανέλληνες].
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