Dedication of a statue for Menekleides, hierophant.  Two non-joining fragments of a base of white (“Pentelic”) marble, preserved on the right and at the top. Frag. (a) now missing.
[ ] Attica — Eleusis — late 2nd c. BC — IG II² 3512
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1 ἱεροφάντ[ην] Μενεκ̣[λ]είδην
Θεοφή[μου Κυδ]αθηναιέα ἡ γυνὴ
Σ[— — — — — —ο]υ Ἀ̣χ̣α̣ρνέως
[θυγάτηρ Δήμητρι καὶ Κό]ρ̣η̣ι
5 [ἀνέθηκεν].
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