Dedication of a statue, with signature of the sculptor Kephisodotos.  Statue base of white (“Pentelic”) marble, broken on the right and at the back.
[ ] Attica — Eleusis — ca. 375 BC — IG II² 4552 — J. Marcadé, Recueil I (1953) 54, pl. X,3
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1 τοῖν Θεοῖν ἀν[έθηκεν]
Κεκροπία Καλ[λίο θυγάτηρ]
το͂ Ἱππ[ονίκο]
  Αὐτοκλ[έος γυνή].
   vac. 0.115 m.
5      Κηφισό[δοτος ἐποίησεν].
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