Dedication of a statue of Meter Megale by the priestess Sosikleia. Base of white marble supporting a seated statue of the goddess.
[ ] Boiotia — Lebadeia — 2nd c. AD (reign of Hadrian?)
1  Σωσικλεία Νεικολά[ου τ]οῦ Μάρκου καὶ Στρατ[οῦς]
 τῆς Κάπωνος, ἱερατεύσασα τῆς θεᾶς, τὸ ἄγαλμα
       ἐκ τῶν ἰδίων [ἀ]νέθηκε.
4 Ἑ̣ρμείας Ἀνθεστη[ρί]ου Ἀθηναῖος ἐποίει.
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