Honorary/dedicatory inscription for Glykinna to Mousai by father Hippokritos Polystratou and rest of family, with artist’s signature by Epikrates Apollon<i>ou, on slab of white marble; II/I; found at Knidos: Newton, Discoveries II pp. 757-758 no. 43; Loewy no. 301; SGDI 3513; *GIBM 823.  
[ ] GIBM 823
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1 Γλύκινναν ὁ πατὴρ Ἱππόκριτος
Πολυστράτου καὶ ἁ μάτηρ Φιλίτιον
Βουλακράτευς καὶ τοὶ ἀδελφοὶ
Βουλακράτης καὶ Πολύστρατος
5 vacat Μούσαις.
Ἐπικράτης Ἀπολλων<ί>ου ἐποίησε.
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