Honorary inscription for Dionysikles Posideou by [eph]eboi, neoi, and metechontes of gymnasion, on block of blue-gray marble; c. I/1?; presumably from Smyrna, later at Smyrna: *ISmyrna II 2, p. 354, no. VI (PH).  
[ ] ISmyrn II2, p. 354, no. VI
1 [οἱ ἔφ]ηβοι καὶ οἱ νέοι καὶ οἱ
[μ]ετέχοντες τοῦ γυ-
μ̣νασίου Διονυσικλῆν
Ποσιδέου πάσης ἀρε-
5 της ἕνεκα.
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